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    Green Day Light was founded in order to give you the perfect camping experience. With the help of our products (and a little bit of help from the sun), you could enjoy a green and comfortable experience.

    We believe in a better, cleaner tomorrow.

    We are passionate about spreading the word on reusable energy sources. Not just for everyday life solutions, but for their clean convenience beyond your front door! Our continued commitment to natural energy as an electricity replacement sets us apart. Industry leaders paving the way so we can all leave a green thumbprint behind!

    We believe camping is humankind’s way of regaining our perspective:

    • Admiring the natural beauty of the world...
    • Remembering a world beyond the confines of busy city streets...
    • Rediscovering our place on mother earth and how dependent we are on all of its different resources...

    This experience can be eye opening in the moment, but hard to retain once a return to normalcy occurs. At Green Day Light, we believe in respecting the world around us. That is why we believe your next trip into the great outdoors should establish your understanding and commitment to Mother Earth. Natural energy, without harmful emissions all focused on our continue sustainability!

    Our planet is in crisis. Fluctuating climates, and odd animal extinction aside, the change in our planet is undeniable. Our impact on our surroundings seems to more readily manifest with our population's uncontained growth. With current population estimates to eclipse the resources available we must be conscious of how our decision will impact the future. This means committing to cleaner more sustainable resources.

    We hope to inspire other industry leaders to take charge and promote green energy as a viable solution. From all of us at Green Day Light, please pledge continued commitment and support to this noble cause.

    Green energy for the future and beyond!